Don't Fret… #Yolo

Don't Fret... Everything will be ok... I often find myself overthinking about things. A disagreement, a disappointment, a betrayal, a lie... I tend to worry and imagine the worst of things that could happen and turn this onto me... Am I good enough? Why is this happening to me? Then you start destroying yourself and find yourself... Continue Reading →


“Bewildered is the fox who lives to find that grapes beyond reach can be really sour.” - Dorothy Parker I spent a few hours thinking about this quote... I am bewildered by its meaning... Does it mean that trying to get to the top without doing the work to get there can lead to failure?... Continue Reading →

My Beloved Furry Kids

A dog will always be happy to see you, will never say anything to hurt you, will always be there to listen and will stay loyal to you forever. I may not have kids, but I think of my dogs to be my beloved furry kids. ❤️ In response to the Photo Challenge: Beloved The... Continue Reading →

The Storm Within

In today's world, we face a lot of injustice, heartbreaks, betrayals, bullying, sickness, loneliness... As a human being, we go through a lot of emotions and we often fight with ourselves to see things clearly, but negativity often wins for a while. We get depressed, we exclude ourselves without realizing it and alone we are... Continue Reading →

Should we Stop Giving a F*ck?

Hello everyone, A few days ago, I listened to an audiobook that was peaked my interest: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson In his book, Mark Manson uses a raw language, but he is telling things the way they are. He gets straight to the point. In today's world, we... Continue Reading →

Rain in January

Happy Friday, In this second week of January, today evokes the ironic feeling that spring is almost here. The rain is melting the snow making this illusion of a dream with the steam coming out of the snow. But don't be fooled this magical perception as it will not last and soon the rain will change... Continue Reading →

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