#MusicMonday: Sanctuary

What does Sanctuary mean to me? It is a place that you can take refuge, a place that you can be you without any stress and worries, a place you can trust and feel safe. A sanctuary can be a place or a person that you trust and count on. Sanctuary from Nashville Today, I want... Continue Reading →

Valentine's Day

On this Valentine's day, may your day be filled with love and kindness. Love cannot be bought, neither be pushed. It is earned and mutual. You don't need to spend money or do crazy things to show your love. What matters the most is to spend a good time with the people you love. The gesture... Continue Reading →

My Beloved Furry Kids

A dog will always be happy to see you, will never say anything to hurt you, will always be there to listen and will stay loyal to you forever. I may not have kids, but I think of my dogs to be my beloved furry kids. ❤️ In response to the Photo Challenge: Beloved The... Continue Reading →

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