Reassessing my Goals

Sometimes you have to reassess your goals in order to make it work. Sometimes we put too much on our plate and put too much pressure on ourselves and will eventually bring something you enjoy to become a burden...

I didn't let laziness win!

Hey guys! I hope you have a lovely weekend? Here, it was a rainy weekend which means we stayed pretty quiet. Another week passed and I am pretty proud of myself for keeping it up with my running regimen! Monday: OFF Tuesday: 25 mins run + Legs Wednesday: OFF Thursday: 30 mins run + upper... Continue Reading →

Hello June!

Hello everyone, Happy Friday and happy first day of June! I can't believe it's June already but I am also glad it is! This is the start of the summer for us here in Canada. No need for a jacket nor to wear long and bulky clothes. People are already complaining that it's too warm... Continue Reading →

Be Prepared

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin  You may go through life without preparing yourself most of the time and wonder why you don't perform well... I have bad news for you. In order to excel at something, you need to work hard, practice, prepare yourself. Sometimes it's just a... Continue Reading →

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