#FitnessJourney: Take it easy

Hi everyone, This summer has been pretty tough weatherwise. From hot and humid to downpouring rain, it didn't stop me. Yes, there are a few days I missed because of it, but I made it up somehow. This week was an easier week, but my foot also started to act up. Like I mentioned in... Continue Reading →

#FitnessJourney: Crunch Time!

Hello everyone, The past few weeks were a bit tough on the motivation side. I will admit I have been struggling a lot since I got this bad cold. But now it is crunch time! My trip to the Dominican is 3 weeks away, so I need to step up and get this done! Maybe I... Continue Reading →

#FitnessJourney: Perseverance

Hello everyone, The perseverance I've been keeping up is starting to show results. On December 3rd, I was weighing 170 lbs. I have lost 5 lbs since and 2 of them was from only the last two weeks! So my change in the cardio VS weightlifting training is working. I am doing this on my... Continue Reading →

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