Jazz the Gecko – Week 3 Update

Hello everyone!

This week we experienced a second shedding! Jazz’s colour got much brighter and darker.

I didn’t document its cricket feeding this week but something we learned was that a gecko doesn’t let go of its prey. When Jazz caught the cricket, it caught the paper tower with it. I didn’t want it to ingest paper, so I tries to take it of and it took a bit of work. Usually Jazz would try to escape, but didn’t move a centimeter this time. It was like trying to take away a dog’s toy lol. It was kinda funny.

Its weight didn’t change either. Our scale only give even number. I have a feeling that it may have grown maybe 0.5g. I guess we will see next week. If i see it doesn’t change every week. I maybe have to do monthly updates instead.

I never thought I would be so interested in reptiles. 😊

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