Jazz the Gecko – Week 2 Update – Getting more Comfortable

Hello everyone,

This week Jazz got a bit more comfortable with us. It’s been jumping more and getting a bit faster which after last week’s event, I was a bit scared to handle it. I don’t want to have to find it in our house again! haha!

I tried to give him some food on my finger and it ate it which was so nice to see. I guess that means it’s getting used to us.

On Saturday, we bought the first 2 crickets and it was fascinating to watch it hunt for it. Jazz is so small that I was doubtful it would eat it, but it did! I am looking forward to giving it more. 🙂

This week he’s weighing: 4 grams. No shedding this week.

We must be doing something good as it is growing! 🙂

Looking forward that it’s big enough to not fit into little cracks in our house.



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