Jazz the Gecko – Week 1 Update – The Adventure Begins!

Jazz the Gecko is the first pet reptile I’ve ever owned. I have been obsessed with learning about crested gecko all week long. The breeder (Rosemere Reptiles) we got Jazz from was very helpful so far and is really quick at answering my questions. Very good customer service!

I asked them to show us to mom and dad and they were nice enough to send me a picture of them. It’s amazing how nature works. Ours is a bit more orangy rusty colour, but the breeder told me that there are hidden traits that can come up in the babies. 🙂

What we’ve learned during the first week we brought our little gecko home:

  1. I mentioned it in my first post already, but we experienced a shedding within the first 48 hours we had it.
  2. Since it’s a little baby, Jazz loves to jump!
  3. It will sleep all day.
  4. They sleep in the weirdest place and positions.
  5. They don’t have feelings but will remember you with your smell and make the connection that you are not a danger to them.
  6. They are extremely quick at night!
  7. Make sure you handle them in a secure place without a place to hide.

I bought a scale to be able to see if he’s growing. This week he’s weighing: 3 grams.

I have been handling it every night this week and it is so fascinating. I have learned the hard way how quick it can move, though. I guess it got used to us. I didn’t realize that until Friday.

I made the mistake of taking him out while sitting on the couch… I thought it would be fine for a minute or two…. well… Jazz decided to climb toward my shoulders and as I tried to pick him up, it jumped and since it is so small, I didn’t want to squish it, so I stoop up…

Let me tell you, don’t underestimate their speed!!! Jazz went into a crack on the sofa and escaped! It was the worst feeling ever!

We tore down our couch and moved our furniture. It was a mess!!! I thought we wouldn’t find it… I had tears coming out… There was a point I just wanted to find the body at least so we know where it is…

I took a big breath and decided to do some research about finding a gecko that escaped.

If it ever happens to you, don’t panic!

  1. They say they will stay within 10 feet from where they escaped.
  2. Close the lights and leave the room for 20-30 mins.
  3. Come down quietly and open the light and don’t move to fast.

That worked for me, at least this time and hoping it won’t happen again.


When I turned on the lights, I saw it and saw where it went for hiding. That was a start. It found a place to hide in a crack between the floor and the baseboards! To get it out of there I had to find sticks that I place in front and in the back of it and it made it go out and climb the wall a bit. That’s when I caught it… THE RELIEF!!!

Luckily I only needed to wait 20-30 mins to find it, but you may not have the same luck.

If you don’t find it right away, they say they can survive at least 2 weeks.

If you need more information, here is the site I found helpful to find my crested gecko: http://www.supremegecko.com/crested-geckos-misc

The lesson learned this week: 

Not to underestimated its speed and not to handle it on the couch and let it climb too far on me.


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