Jazz the Crested Gecko – Welcome Home

Hi everyone,

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably know already, but if you don’t here is what I have done on Saturday.

This weekend my husband and I went to the Canadian Pet Expo with no plan to get a new pet. Well… we started thinking of getting some sort of lizard, but we didn’t know anything about it and the goal was to fetch some information about them…

I don’t know if anyone of you ever went to a show like this, but it can be very informative and you can face your fear by handling animals you never thought you could.

Believe it or not, I faced one of my fears this weekend. I was able to pick up and hold a snake for the first time! I was kinda impressed with myself, but I must say, the handlers were very nice and told me what to do.

We were also able to hold a bearded dragon and a crested gecko. That’s when we fell in love with the Gecko. It is so gentle and so easy to take care of.

That’s when we decided to bring home Jazz aka “Jaws”. The breeder named it Jaws, but I thought Jazz was more appropriate.


In the 48 hours we have him, Jazz already shed its skin. It’s amazing how nature works. He’s only 3 months old so we will see it our little guy grow.


He’s been adjusting well to the enclosure we made. He has a bunch of leaves and a coconut to hide and climb. Jazz is still not quite sure where he is, but I think he’s comfortable in it since he slept in the corner of his enclosure like a little dog. 🙂

It’s so cute to watch. I’ve been staring at it a while last night.

It’s our first time owning a reptile so it will be a journey of learning and amazement.

Stay tuned as I share the experience with you. 🙂

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