#ThankfulTuesday: Health

I was supposed to go for a run tonight but decided against it due to my foot pain that keeps on going. I have done some stretching in the past few days and having a break yesterday helped a little. Although today I still feel it, it’s a bit better than yesterday so I thought I might be a good idea to skip the run to make sure I don’t worsen it.

Here I am sitting with an ice pack under my foot, thinking that it really sucks when I am supposed to train for my 10 km and that I can’t. Sorry, I am wrong… I could have gone, but I might have made it worse and/or leave the pain to persist for more days. Yes, sometimes I beat myself up. I tell myself that I am still young and I should not have to deal with these types of issues. I have to remember that my body isn’t the same as everyone else. It will react differently than other people, BUT I have to be thankful for being healthy and being able to run and walk altogether. Some people can’t. When you have setbacks like this, you have to remember that. It could be a lot worse. One day won’t hurt, it might even help you. Sometimes you have to sit it out in order to get better.

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