#ThinkAloudThursday: Believing in Yourself… AND Following your Dreams…

Believing in yourself takes a crucial part in our successes in life. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you reach your goals and go forward?

It doesn’t mean you know everything and that you know what you’re doing, BUT when you do believe in yourself, you will do anything to make sure you reach that end result. Facing a struggle, you will find the answer or ask for help in order to accomplish what you set yourself to do.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I mentioned on Monday, that I went and see Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence in concert. There is something that Lindsey said that night that made me a little emotional and made me think. These might not be the exact words she said, but that’s how I understood it. Here what she said:

When someone doesn’t see the potential in you, it doesn’t mean it’s not there and that you don’t have what it takes.

If you really want something, you have to work hard. There may be setbacks, but keep pushing! Someday, all this hard work will pay off.

Believe me, I am like everyone else and I am guilty of giving up on things that mattered to me. My writing is a lot to remind myself that giving up is not the answer and is a way to talk to myself and see things more clearly.

An example is my guitar. Since we learned my husband lost his job, we made some cutbacks and one of them is the guitar lessons.

I miss my guitar lessons, they were kept me motivated and accountable. Since we stopped, I barely touched my guitar. I tried the other day and I felt it was going nowhere… 😦

I have too much in my mind, it’s like I can’t focus on other things.

Music has always been a dream of mine, but I gave up on that when I was younger and now I’m paying for it… When you’re older, it’s much harder to learn a new skill and is easier to get discouraged, that’s one reason why I took classes in the first place, to show me the way…

I am not going to give up though, this is just a setback and once things get back to normal, I will call back my guitar teacher and take lessons again. In the meantime, I need to make myself some time to practice and find other ways to learn and keep accountable.

If you have a dream and thinking of giving up, don’t do the same mistake as I did. Find ways to keep going. It could be a side hustle for a while, but it could become a reality for you one day, avoiding the struggles to learn it all over again. Don’t ever give up!

Photo by Kelli Stirrett on Unsplash

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