When you catch your breath and it’s already gone.

I have been stuck in my thoughts lately… wondering what life will bring me next… So many things I would like to do, but not enough time to focus a 100% on them or I can’t accomplish them without the help of someone else…

Everyone is busy, with no time. They say they will help you out and you wait and wait. After a while, you give up because it took too long and you don’t want to do it anymore.

The motivation has gone away…

We’re so stuck in a world that runs on fast forward every day and it sometimes makes me wonder why we work so hard for others and not enough time for ourselves…

Does it seem fair to you?

When you finally have some time, the ideas you had are already gone, forgotten or you get to start it and the inspiration isn’t there anymore…

Many times I find myself great ideas, but never get to it because I lack time and inspiration. When I get to it, it’s not there anymore…

“As you catch your breath, it’s already gone…”

4 thoughts on “When you catch your breath and it’s already gone.

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  1. Yes… that is the world today, fast forward, and it does seem like we’re doing all this hard work and using up all our own time for other people’s benefit… what do we get out of everything we do? a paycheck, a sense of accomplishment, because we don’t always get a good night sleep do we…and how easy is it to book your earned vacation time with your employer when we have to consider others at the same time… if we think more about our own selves in our own lives we are called loners, boring, withdrawn, antisocial, Etc…it is true that we do not have time for others as well as they don’t have time for us, everybody has their own agenda….and then I take a breath, I hold it, let it out slowly and just realize all the good things that I do have in my life…and then I put my armor back on in order to face the world again.

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