Week 2: 2 Tips that helps prevent injuries and update

Week 2 of my half-marathon training went pretty well! I even did an extra workout on Monday since I haven’t run the Sunday before and my body didn’t cry. 🙂

I shouldn’t go ahead of myself saying that I am so happy that everything is going well since I am only at the early stage of the training. But I feel pretty good on how it’s going right now.

Remembering what I have been through a few years back when I got injured because I wasn’t carefully doing squats… with knees, back, and hip pains every single day which sometimes was barely bearable. Going to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week to help manage the pain, I can take the occasional minor feet and knee pains which are normal as my body is adjusting.

Stretching is the key!

A lot of people omit the stretching routine that is beneficial for recovery after a workout. In my experience, this turned out to be the key to help me get better and prevent soreness the next day. This also will prevent you from injury.

Strength Training

Another major factor that is beneficial is strength training. Did you know that if your core is weak, you could end up with hip and knee pains? If your core is weak, everything below it will be as well. Don’t neglect the strengthening workouts! This will make a whole lot of a difference.

Every week I try to go to the gym at least 2 times. I go for my run around my gym and then I go in and do my strength training. I do one upper body and one lower body workout.

There are other benefits of mixing strength training with your cardio workouts. One of them includes toning your body. Cardio will burn fat and strength training will help tone everything. Who likes to have dangling skin? No one! 🙂

Please note that I am far from being a professional, but I am talking with my own personal experiences which worked for me. Everyone’s body reacts in different ways.

For those who would like to know what I do for my running plan and/or aren’t quite sure how to start and what an example of a training plan, here is what I have done last week. Note that you need to be able to run a 5km already in order to do this program. You can view Week 1 of my training here.

If anyone of you would like to achieve a 5 km. You can send me a message and I can share with you the program from my book to achieve it.

Week 2 Running plan
Conditioning Training for the Half-Maraton

Monday: 20 mins run
Tuesday: 25 mins run + legs workout
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 30 mins run + upper body workout
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 25 mins run
Sunday: 45 mins run

If you’d like to see what I do before my blog post, you can follow me on Instagram. I post in my story what I did on the day of my workout.

Hopefully, all of you will have a wonderful sunny week!

Stay tuned for my week 3 training!

Photo by M. Plt on Unsplash

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