The importance to give blood

img_2927.jpgHello everyone,

Did you know that each time you give blood, you could save 3 people’s lives?

At first, I thought our blood was given as is, as a whole to the person in need, but no, it is split up into 3 components (red blood cells, platelets, and plasma). So technically, they make sure the patients get what they actually need instead of wasting resources.

Tonight, it was my first time giving and I was worried, but the staff was very comforting and made the experience going seamlessly. They were very nice! I will definitely go back in 3 months. This is the least I can do to help save lives.

Giving blood is so much more than giving material things or money. This is giving someone the chance to live another day. This is giving life!

You never know, it could even save your own life one day!

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