When Spam Acts Like Your Best Friend Forever 👥

Although it is tempting and would be a dream to come true don’t fall for those scammers! This even happens through the regular mail!

Do your research first!

Head Full Of Dreams

Personally speaking, I love reading the mails that get stuck in SPAM. There is a reason though. There is a high chance that I am going to get some good laugh reading the mails and let me tell you this(if you don’t already know) I am a big fan of humor. While your friends may forget to return your money 😉 but strangers never fail to surprise you by their generosity. It makes you wonder what in the world have you done so right to deserve their blessing! Trust me.

There is this sweetest stranger Mr Tony (Yes, he has a name) who keeps on mailing me to send him my details so he can transfer $15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United Dollars) in my account. Now I clearly remember my dad told me that my ancestors were Indian. What I don’t understand is the fact that how could my email be…

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