Time to set new goals!

Hello everyone,

As many of you know, last week I did a 5 km race and did really well! I still can’t believe I beat my very first race time! Anyway, this gave me the push to set new running goals. One of them is for sure and the other is if my body allows it. 🙂

Goal #1:

Do the 10 km at the Marathon de Rimouski this coming October.

Goal #2:

Do the Hamilton Road to Hope half-marathon in November.

With that said, this means I have to prepare my body for the half-marathon which would make the 10 km an easy race come to the date. In order to achieve that, I had to start the conditioning training this week.

I have bought a book that has a schedule to follow to get to the end result.

This week consisted of Tuesday do 20 mins non-stop run and I did some weight training as well which I did upper body exercises since I’m not paying a gym membership for nothing. 🙂

Thursday do a 25 mins run non-stop run and also some weight training which I did legs… I pushed it a bit too much on that one. lol 🙂

Saturday I did another 20 mins run.

Today, Sunday, I was supposed to run 40 mins and my legs were still hurting so I decided to go against it since usually after a race we are supposed to give a rest and technically I didn’t 🙂 … BUT I went for a long 55 mins walk with the dogs instead. I learned a lesson this week. Don’t do leg day at the end of the week when you know you’ll do a long run on Sunday. 🙂

I also decided to try to eat better. I wanted to try the Whole30 diet, BUT since my husband really doesn’t want to do it, I have to think of other options so it doesn’t cost a fortune in groceries (which is already cost a fortune nowadays).

I decided to reduce my alcohol consumption by half. I don’t know for you, but when summer arrives, I find it harder to avoid those alcoholic beverages. We still need to enjoy the nice things tight? Trying a whole30 recipe for breakfast (WHOLE30 BANANA ALMOND CHIA PUDDING with my own twist. I will share what I did if it’s any good 🙂 ) and try to find recipes that used less processed items. We used to go get takeout a lot during weekends, so we decided to plan ahead and reduce those as well to 1 meal or 2 max! Since it’s BBQ season, it will probably be easier to do.

Let’s see how it goes! 🙂


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    1. The same thing happens to me too. When you are trying to be good with yourself, there’s always someone bringing temptations at work… I have low self-control… I definitely need to work on that! 🙂 but we can start again each day, that’s the beauty of it… What matters is the effort to keep trying.

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