Living with someone who has anxiety is not easy…

A few months back my husband was diagnosed with anxiety… Sometimes I feel since he learned this, it worsened it.

Yesterday, it was a gorgeous day and  I got ready to go somewhere as we planned. I took the extra time to get ready and ended up not going… it was disappointing. All he wanted was to sleep… it was hard for him to decide on something concrete… even if it’s just choosing what to order for takeout or if he wanted to watch a specific show I asked him… Everything seems to be a hard decision. We got out of the house because I got mad and told him I was gonna go see a movie by myself… we didn’t go, but at least we were outside of the house for an hour or so…

It feels lonely sometimes since he’s not fully there… it’s like he doesn’t care if I’m around or not… he doesn’t want to hear anything I say. It’s starting to be annoying and makes me feel worthless…

I know I shouldn’t compare my life to others, but when I see pictures of other people’s weekends doing fun stuff… it makes me sad…

It makes me wonder what I do wrong… even if i try to cheer him up… it doesn’t work… nothing I say is good enough…

Is that normal behavior for anxiety? It’s like he doesn’t want to help himself. He can’t let go, he’s choosing to withdraw and shut himself down and lose his temper so quickly for stupid reasons. What should I do or can I do?

I guess the question is: Is there anything I can do to help him?

Anyone had dealt with a situation like this?

Photo by Victor Dueñas Teixeira on Unsplash

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