Having a Bad Day…

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a great week? For us in Canada, this is a short week and oh boy, it is a rough one! I’ve been quite busy at work and today, well… I missed my train because I forgot something at home…

Above everything, the train after got canceled, the next after that was full which I couldn’t get in and then I had to take a train that was express to downtown and figure out how to get to work from there. I never took that route before and was a bit confused to where to go. If I think in a positive way, it was a learning adventure. On the other hand, I was 1 hour late to work which means I didn’t take the time for lunch to make up some of the time. 😦

It the second time in the past few weeks that I forget something and miss my train… why am I so forgetful?

Stress? Fatigue? Too much in my mind? Maybe all of the above…

Funny that I come back from vacation needing a vacation? I thought I would have had a lot more energy than this.

Short weeks are always the worst I find. It feels like we have to rush to get things done since we’ve lost a day. Doesn’t feel fair… one extra day to relax and it’s all gone the first day you come back…

Am I the only one feeling this way?

Tomorrow is Friday guys! Only 1 day to go!

To a better day tomorrow!

Photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Having a Bad Day…

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  1. I’m a morning person, wake up at 5:30, but the late week I have been so tired, Don’t wanna go up. I am currently on sick leave, but use to wake up early anyway. I have close to my work, 12 minutes on bike or the same at car, as I use to take the few, 4 km, to work.😁

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