Did you know? A Respect and Harassment in the Workplace Fact

5b353c99b5c22240e090cc27e6121d8dToday I had this training about “Respect in the workplace and harassment” and either I was sleeping for many years or I learned something new and interesting today.

Did you know that you can report an act of harassment while going for drinks with coworkers after hours? I didn’t. I thought when you exit the workplace, it was not valid. To me, this was kinda an eye-opener, but when you think of it, it actually makes sense since you see these people every single day.

I can’t believe we, as adults, need to be trained on respect though. Unfortunately, it’s happening and we should be aware of it. We need to stop being scared of reporting those things. We should all be treated with respect no matter our gender, race, religion, etc… We should not be afraid to do what’s right!

Photo by Tiago Felipe Ferreira on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Did you know? A Respect and Harassment in the Workplace Fact

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  1. Some people have no respect for other, and many people should not drink alcohol because they become a different person in a negative way. Everyone is affected by alcohol in one way or another and I think it “lets loose” something that is constricted. When I drink, I become more talkative than usual, if possible,😁 and have a lot of humor, which I also have without alcohol.

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