Vacations 2018 – Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo in Samaná, Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Hello everyone!

It’s back to reality for me. I didn’t want to come back, but we need to work hard and make money if we want to be able to go back next year! 🙂

My husband and I went to the beautiful Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo resort in Samaná, Dominican Republic. The Province of Samaná in the Dominican is still little known for many people. It is a beautiful area of this county and you see they worked hard to make it accessible to tourists. You have to go through mountains to get to where we were. You can see they dynamited in order to build a road to go through. The 45 mins drive from the airport is worth it on its own. You have beautiful views and can see some villages on the way and can see how Dominicans live. You can have a little glimpse in the video below.

The beach is beautiful and you can walk for a long time if you wish, but don’t forget to bring your water and sunscreen as it is so warm! You don’t want to get dehydrated. You can walk 5 km to the next village called Las Terrenas where you can find shops and restaurants. I have never been but is planning to when we go back.

We mainly stayed at the beach all week. Reading a book, sleeping, swimming, drinking 🙂

My favourite drinks were menta soda and mimosa. I don’t like beer, so I found those were less sweet than all the others.

I don’t usually swim in the ocean, but at this resort, with the corals close to the beach, there were no waves and you could go snorkeling right there! I was bringing pieces of bread to feed the fish. They were actually coming to eat in my hands! So much fun! 🙂

The staff was very friendly. There was dancing starting at 7:00 pm every night and the animation team was dancing with the tourists including myself. I danced the meringue for the first time. Apparently, I danced like a professional, which I don’t think it’s true, but I will take the compliment. 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the week:

Overall, it was an amazing week! I am happy to be back home now only because I needed to get back to my nutrition routine. The food was great there, but who can eat buffet food for an extended period? I know I can’t. 🙂

If you’re planning on going to the Dominicans, I strongly suggest this resort.
One thing for sure is that we will go back!

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