What You Can See When you Go for a Walk at Lunchtime…

As I walked during my lunch break, I came across this sign and it made me smile.

It made me smile because it is true. We live in a world of technology and when you take the time to look around, we see us looking at our phones, taking pictures of every memory. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures to the contrary, it is our memories to share with others, but sometimes I feel that we have gone to the extreme. You see people walking with their phones in their faces. Some people so focused on their phones that they are not aware of their surroundings blocking the way of others or get into an accident or even causing one.

Our parents didn’t have phones to carry around and they still lived a pretty good life. 🙂

Please be mindful of others and yourself. Do you really need to walk and look at your cell phone at the same time at the risk of hurting you or someone else? Think about it… Can it wait a few minutes?

via Photo Challenge: Smile

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