Be Strong, Stay Strong… #IWD #PressforProgress

Today is International Women Day and this is for ALL women out there… 

Before I start, I want to mention that I don’t believe all men are the same and that I refer to a certain type of individuals that unfortunately treat women inferiorly.

For the longest time, women were considered as the followers, the ones who were submissive to men with the fear of defending themselves. Rarely you saw a female business owner or manager. Awareness started in the early 1900’s and since then a lot changed, but it is still not perfect.

We still face today injustice. Women are having issues give their opinions and being heard and acknowledged. More often it happens when the person above them is a man. Not all men are the same. There are men out there that treat women fairly and with respect, but there is still a lot of them that are stuck in the old ways of thinking. 

It is disappointing to see that even in 2018, we still have to fight for our rank in society. It is sad to see some men thinking they are better than we are in certain things. Sometimes bringing us down without even knowing or realizing it. Sometimes their egos will go above everything else, even if we are right. They will turn on our side only after they tried and failed miserably and can’t see anything else that will work. After all that, they will still question our judgments or solutions.

The point is, we are all humans and all equals. We as women shouldn’t have to prove ourselves every time we say or do something.


I am proud and impressed of all women that made it to the top and a big kudo to those who are working in fields that are known to be men oriented like in the trades! A good current example is the daughter of Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes who is well underway to the top of his father’s empire.

Together, with awareness, we will find our way to equality!

Be Strong, Stay Strong!


Happy International Women Day!

Featured Image by DIAO DARIUS on Unsplash


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