#MusicMonday: Who Needs a Band?

Hello everyone,

As my blog states, I have a passion for music. I know I haven’t posted much about that topic yet, but I am still learning and I wasn’t ready yet to post about me yet. 🙂

This weekend I had the chance to play around with a loop pedal that my husband has with a new song I am trying to learn. Some of you probably saw it on my Instagram account already. It is still a work in progress. My teacher suggested a different pedal that I may go get at some point as find it really cool that you can record multiple tracks and the result is amazing. Who needs a band, really?

The song in this video is Black Roses from the popular show Nashville.

I found the chords online and used my imagination and made it my own.

The fact I have recorded it with my iPhone doesn’t give it justice, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I am looking forward to trying it again when the time allows me. I will try to record a full video when I feel confident enough.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Just take into consideration that I am still a newbie to this and it is really not perfect. 🙂

I occasionally post some practice songs on my Instagram stories if you are interested to see my progress. 🙂 I also created an account on Vero that I may strictly use for that, but I haven’t posted anything yet since they are having server issues and if it doesn’t resolve soon I may just cancel this whole thing. By curiosity, do any of you have tried this new Vero app yet? What is your feeling about it?

Here it is, I’ve also added a video with bits that I am signing that I originally posted on Instagram. The first song is black roses and the other one is “You are the reason” by Calum Scott

via Daily Prompt: Imagination
Featured Image by Haley Powers on Unsplash

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