The Storm Within

In today’s world, we face a lot of injustice, heartbreaks, betrayals, bullying, sickness, loneliness… As a human being, we go through a lot of emotions and we often fight with ourselves to see things clearly, but negativity often wins for a while. We get depressed, we exclude ourselves without realizing it and alone we are fighting the storm that is hiding in our hearts.

The Storm Within

We all have some sort of storm within.

Deep into the cavity of our chest.

We fight against it.

We live with it.

We search for acceptance.

We seek friendship.

We all want to be loved.

Some get burned by a bad soul.

Getting bullied by the ones they admire.

The sense of belonging is taken away from them.

We fight against these demons within

In the hope to find peace with ourselves

and to take away the self-doubt that has been built.

Filling the hole in our chest

That once was weakened with anger

With the love of the people that stands by you every day

You can fight the storm within!

Photo by Kristina Litvjak on Unsplash

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Cavity
The Storm Within Text © Melanie Bisson
Featured image by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

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  1. Thx for checking out my blog. It’s a small community but something nevertheless. Hopefully you could connect to my content and liked it. I have been trying to make it more personal, open and honest to encourage everyone to be themselves and not be ashamed to embrace it. Basically a platform where you can be assured to be judged and voice your opinion. I am glad you stumbled across my blog.

    If you have any feedback for me then please don’t hesitate to tell me or get in contact. xxx

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      1. Yeah that’s also my goal to get people to open up even more and not be shy from past experiences but learn from them and move on. A platform where they can be themselves and relate to my posts. Like “I thought I was the only one who felt this way” xxx

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