That Voice in Your Head…

Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk about that negative voice we often have that prevents us from achieving our goals or going forward in life.

How many of us have this voice in your head telling you to give up, that you’re not good enough? I know in my case it happens occasionally. With my fitness journey, this voice comes by every day, but I try to avoid it. As many of you read in my previous post, my goal is to lose 15 lbs by April… It’s been 3 weeks I’ve started to be more serious about this journey and the scale doesn’t show a lot of changes… I was hoping to lose at least 1 lb a week, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I have to tell myself that maybe I’m gaining muscle mass instead and it’s been only 3 weeks I need to give it a chance.

The same thing happens in other areas in our lives… Work for example, when we don’t get feedback, there’s this voice starting to question you. Are you good enough? Are you doing it right? Are they happy with what you’re doing?

The same goes for my guitar learning… Sometimes I feel I could do much better. But I have to say, with a full-time job, the commute, going to the gym, and all other things we have to do in a day, time for practicing is limited. I always tell myself I should practice more, but there are those days that you’re exhausted after a long day at work and my brain seems not want to take on more. Does that happen to you?

Sometimes this worries me, no matter how I try, it seems like it’s been harder for me to grasp what I learn. Although I am not that old, I guess that’s part of aging.

As my teacher told me a while back, I don’t play all day long like the professionals, it will take time. You can’t learn something overnight, it takes time.

I am trying to avoid this negative voice in my head because most of the times it’s made up ideas. It’s not always easy, but we need to keep pushing through!

I guess all these ideas that come to our minds are worries, insecurities, overthinking and being too hard on ourselves.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your positive thinking: 
Source: The Positive Blog & Healthy Place

  • Put things into a wider perspective
  • Realize that you cannot control everything
  • Work out
  • Get plenty of good quality sleep
  • Spend more of your time in the present moment
  • Be aware of the issue (and remind yourself throughout your day)
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Look for the lessons in everything
  • Focus on the positives

Good things happen with time and effort. Stop the excuses and never forget to believe in yourself! No matter how slow it will take, remember that small achievements are better than none.

I am not perfect, but I am trying. We don’t need negativity in our already stressful lives.



Feature image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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