#FitnessJourney: Update (1)

Hello everyone!

It’s been 2 weeks since I decided to document and share my fitness journey with all of you. These past weeks went pretty well overall. I Didn’t go as much as I wanted to the gym, but hey, sometimes unexpected or events will prevent us from doing what you would like to do. It helps that I walk every day to catch my train and bus. Most day I do my 10 000 steps as per my Fitbit watch.

Something I am proud of though, not once I have gone to buy a coffee or treats, I didn’t drink any alcohol and we cut substantially the restaurant outing. I have lost the pounds I’ve gained from the holidays and I am feeling pretty good overall.

I’ve kept going with the 2 mins walk, 2 mins run, but already increased the speed. I was usually doing only 20 mins of cardio and now doing over 40 mins! Since I had knee issues in the past, I may do this one more week and then increase the running.


Let’s see if I can keep going in that direction. 🙂

So far so good!

Thanks for reading.

~ Melanie

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