Treat Yourself to a Healthy Lifestyle

At first, I was seeing it as torture, but this simple quote on the wall of my gym changed my perspective on exercise.

I see exercise as a form of self-respect.

by David Patchell-Evans – CEO Goodlife Fitness
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if2bit2bdoesn2527t2bchallenge2byou“It’s Friday, I’m gonna treat myself.” 
Have you ever told that to yourself? I know I do.

What do you do to treat yourself? Most likely something to eat which is often something that isn’t healthy or a café latte.

Believe me, I am not perfect and I do the same, BUT I am working on it.

It won’t be easy, but I am determined to change my lifestyle. I am sure there will be days temptations will win, but if that happens, you pick yourself up and start again the next day.

Why don’t we treat ourselves to a day at the spa once in a while or go for a nice walk in the woods or at the beach instead? It can be relaxing and could open mindfulness. Who knows, maybe it will give you inspiration for a blog post or a drawing.

Let’s stop taking shortcuts and compromising ourselves. Let’s start treating ourselves to a healthier lifestyle and with respect! After all, everything starts with our health.


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