Day 5: 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge

An act of kindness can change the world for someone. Doesn’t need to be much. It can be as little as a smile or being acknowledged.

It’s day 5 of the gratitude challenge and the act of kindness that I’m most grateful for is having someone believe in my potential and trusting me to get the job done. They trusted me to lead a project with very little input. They gave me the chance to make it my own. At first, I was very insecure and not sure of myself; it was certainly not easy, but this gave me a boost of confidence and to foremost believe in myself.

What moment of kindness are you the most grateful for and how did it affect your life?

d1ea5ccf2433d730a5005ad7d10900ed-shabby-chic-fashion-taylors  believe-in-yourself

Have a great day!


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