Day 2: 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Today, on day 2 of the gratitude challenge, we are discussing seeking and receiving advice.

It could be something you are going through in your personal life or it could be on a professional level, seeking or giving advice can change our perspective on things.

By seeking advice from someone can help you achieve your goals or figure out how to deal with a situation quicker.

Today’s question is:

What piece of advice are you grateful
to have received and why?

I am grateful for the person that pushed me to change my way of thinking about the situation I was dealing with about 3 months ago. To let go of the thought that things will maybe change, stay where I was, “just in case”, and go for the opportunity that was given to me that actually changed my life. I was in the dark with negativity and lost my creativity. I was unhappy at my job, I was dreading every single day.

Going for the job offer that presented itself to me and exits the toxic environment I was in is the best thing I did for myself. It has changed my way I see things. I now have more motivation, I see everything in a more positive way and I am grateful for the chance I was given.

When I think of it now, stepping back… Why stay in a toxic environment with very low chance of change and no professional advancement when you can change your situation NOW?

Life is an adventure, take whatever positive thing that comes your way. If you’re unhappy where you are, don’t wait and destroy yourself in the process. Make a move when you have the chance!

That’s my advice to you 🙂

And you?
What would be your piece of advice you received that you’re grateful for?

~ Melanie

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