Day 1: 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Hello everyone,

A friend on Facebook invited me to a 12 days gratitude challenge and I thought why not participate this year. I thought it is a great way to end the year and reflect on the people and things you’re grateful for.

What a good way to change your way of thinking and start the new year on a positive note and tell the people you love how grateful you are for them to be in your life.

The first question was:
Who is one person you are grateful to have in your life and why?

There is a lot of people I am grateful to have in my life, but the one that I am grateful the most is my husband. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but he is always there for me in his own way and I am grateful for that.

How about you?
Who is the person you are
grateful for?

If you’re on Facebook, you can enter the challenge with the Positive People Army page or you can do it with me here.

~ Melanie

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