A dream crossing reality…

It was in the afternoon, I  was listening to someone doing a speech on stage. It was quiet in the room, we could hear a fly pass by. Suddenly, my phone started to ring. Someone was tryingto call me over and over and I was worried it was an emergency. It didn’t matter how hard I was trying to answer it or put my phone on silent, I was unable to.

“I am so sorry”, I said in a very shy voice.

Someone tried to help me out, but without success.

“Make it stop!”, someone yelled.

People were staring at me with angry faces.
I was so embarrassed, my face turned red and my heart was racing.

I felt the ring was getting louder and louder by the minute. It went on and on for at least 10 minutes. Well… until I realized it was my actual alarm clock to wake me up!

No wonder I’m exhausted today.  🙂

That was me, trying to make a short story with a dream I had right before waking up today. Hopefully, it didn’t bore you to death.

It’s funny how sometimes dreams are crossing the reality.
Did it ever happen to you? 

~ Melanie

Illustration ©Melanie Bisson

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