When life throws you curveballs… #rant

I’ve waited 6 months for an appointment at the TMJ specialist. The pain was almost gone, but I knew there was something still off, so kept the appointment.

After two x-rays and an assessment…  I now have to wait AGAIN to receive an MRI appointment. How long will that be before I get one? Also, I have to see a physiotherapist for my jaw and once the MRI results are in, I may need to have a fitted device for sleeping and may during daytime… Why can’t they have all services the same day and why do we need to wait months before getting an appointment?

It makes me mad when you have to run around like a headless chicken to go to appointments after appointments? Who has time for that?

Anyway, my point is that our health care system is saturated. Not enough doctors, the population is aging and they don’t have the space to accommodate. It is sad and scary.

Also, there are so many specialists. It is good and bad at the same time. With all that diversity of specialists, we have to go appointments to appointments until they ran of resources. They take baby steps to process your condition when they can have results right away.

The things are, seeing those specialists cost money and we lose money by going to see them unless they offer services after work hours which they are rare. Some are covered by insurance, but it doesn’t take very long that it goes out of your own pocket and you don’t know if it will work or not. How can we afford all that?

It’s a game of trial and error.

I decided to stop adding stress to myself and see what happens… Hopefully, the insurance will cover what I need to be done. What can I do about it anyways besides not doing anything and maybe suffer later OR deal with it as it goes and hopefully it will get better sooner than expected?

Just breathe, trust and let go… 🙂

Things always fall into its places somehow.


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