An Unfair World…

Today is Human Rights Day. Weird enough I was thinking about homeless people on our streets during the holidays and all year round. I think this should be considered as a human right to have food and shelter. Why do we see people sleeping on the streets in 2017? This should be something no one should have to face in this world. It’s basic needs!

Yes, some people have problems with drugs, alcohol or they lost their money gambling. Sometimes, they lost their jobs and have no choice but being in this situation. Does it mean they should be outside sleeping in the cold winter? There should be shelters and people to help them.

Our government should think of solutions to help them, but how can individuals help? Donating your clothes you don’t need, give your leftovers food if you have the chance, but doesn’t change the fact they are still on the street. We need space to give them shelters and food. Who agrees?

Illustration © Melanie Bisson

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