2017 in Review

Here we are in December already. I thought I would take some time to review my year 2017.

Anger, Self-Questioning, Self-Awareness & Change. That’s the few words I can find to define my 2017.

As I mentioned in one of my older post The Smallest Goal Can Make a Whole lot of Difference, I have struggled during the past two years with anger and although it was not diagnosed, I’m pretty sure I was suffering some degree of depression.

I am grateful for the people that were around me and supported me during this difficult time. I’m pretty sure some of them was dealing with similar feelings and they stuck around anyway, even when I was at my lowest. I consider these people my friends. You realize with time, that people that are willing to stay around even if they are dealing with some issues themselves are remarkable friends.

I’ve learned in the past year that you always need to think of #1, which is yourself. Not always easy, let me tell you when your personality is to help and putting others first. It may not make some people happy, but they are not in your head. You need to focus on what makes YOU happy and most importantly you have to think about your health! When I realized it had an effect on my health it opened my eyes. I was living like in a cloud with pressure in my head every minute of the day and all week. I was feeling stuck with no hope that thing will ever change.

That’s when I decided it was enough, I learned to let things go. So I decided it was time to focus on something else. For me, it was learning to play the guitar and trying to think more positive. I’ve got a tattoo as a reminder with keywords that I would see every day. It’s amazing the power of seeing those keywords. It’s subconscious, but it worked. Funny enough, a few weeks after I got my tattoo, I received a call from a job agency and a month or so later I got a job offer. Is this a sign or what?

Today, I am so grateful for my new job, which is the reason I was able to turn myself around in the right state of mind. Yes, I may have lost some friends and I don’t speak to the few I still have often, but they are always in my mind and I miss them. When I get to see them, it’s always great times!

Just remind yourself that if you’re not happy, something needs to change. You have to question yourself, become aware and do whatever is best for you. As I mentioned in my other post, sometimes it’s just a matter of refocusing on what is most important and things will fall right into place.

My year hasn’t been the happiest overall, but I have learned from this experience and 2018 looks much brighter.

Goodbye 2017, welcome to 2018!

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