Book Blurb: Friend Request

Laura Marshall’s  first novel got me hooked! I couldn’t choose better for my second read. I’m actually sad I’m done reading this psychological thriller. I loved it!

This is a story about a divorced mom with a 4 year old child who received a friend request and messages on Facebook from a childhood friend, Maria, who disappeared the night of her prom night. They all thought she was dead. For a long time, she felt guilty about things she’s done in the past as a teenager that she thought had lead to her death. The only person who knew was her ex-husband, which was very supportive and understanding.

This friend request brought back memories that has been haunting her for years and now haunting the present. She started to feel like someone was following her and watching her from afar.  Is Maria really dead?

I won’t tell you as you may want to read it…

I will leave you with these questions:
Can you really know someone fully?
How far would you go to keep secrets from spreading out?

Check it out >> Friend Request

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