Book Blurb: Before I Fall

A few weeks ago, I have started this new job that required me to start commuting with the public transit. This turned out to be a great way to start reading again as it’s been years since I have read a book in its entirety due to lack of time. The only time I’ve had to read is when I went on vacation which is only 1 week in a year!

For my first book, I chose a book that was made into a movie:
Before I Fall.

When I saw the movie trailer, I found that it looked interesting. I made my mission of not watching it before finishing the book and I succeeded! They say you can get disappointed by either one you read/watch first, so I will tell you what I think of it a little bit later in this post. For now, I will focus on the book itself.

This book is about Samantha Kingston, a teenage girl, who dies in a car accident after a party they went to due to her careless driving friend Lindsay. The next day, she, at her surprise, wakes up the morning of the day she died. For many days in a row she wakes up the same day until the day of her funeral.

Every day, she goes through a few life lessons. By exploring the way, she behaved and the response of these acts made her realized that in order to move to the other side, she would need to make things right with some people that pass through in some stage of her short life.

I am not going to expand much more on this book since you may want to read it for yourself, but will leave you with the thoughts I’ve came across reading this book.

This book makes you think twice. Is there things you regret doing in the past? Do think twice before saying something? What can you do to make it right?

You never know how action you make can affect someone else’s life.

How will people remember you? Think about it.

*  *  *  *  *

I would say it’s true that you can get disappointed in the movie after reading the book.

Although they did a great job following the story, they cut part of it which is to be expected so it doesn’t get lengthly. They kept the original names and events.

The story i made into my head was much more dramatic and exciting than what they showed in the movie.

I guess, the end result all depends depend on how creative you are in visualizing what you read…

Long story short, I would recommend to read the book rather than watch the movie.

If you ever read it or watch the movie, feel free to tell me what were your thoughts in a comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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